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Fashion Campaign

Inspired by a simple drawing by 3 year old Bryce, their iconic Monster Logo has evolved and grown with their customers. Forty is a brand born from the belief that inspiration is all around us if you open your eyes and heart, work hard and learn to trust yourself, your dreams can and do come true.

When speaking with Harry, Peter and Greta at FORTY, the objective was clear. Their Unisex Tech Pack was supposed to be worn all day, all night. From brunch at your Grandma to your favourite rave at SWG3. Because of this, we chose to represent the Tech Pack in four different settings. Daytime, Nighttime, and then to highlight the Unisex part we shot Becca in the stairwell and Aaron in the lift.

The final deliverables for this campaign consist of roughly 20 Video elements. 4 different Settings, (15-20sec). All of these elements are then each delivered in all social formats available (Widescreen, Square and Story Vertical) so FORTY is never out of options.

We also sourced the fabulous Finlay MacIntosh, who took care of stills. We worked together to make sure the campaign looked, felt and came across as one, providing them with 40-50 stills to be used all across all media. Time on set was set aside where video and photo could work together, for maximum efficiency.

Prod. Company:

Cam/Lighting Assist:

FORTY Clothing
Sil Derkx
RecWorks Cinema
Becca Murpy
Aaron Leigh
Iona Morrison
Leon Brehony
Amy Urquhart
Greta Gavsinaite
Sil Derkx

Finn MacIntosh

FORTY Clothing | Tech Pack '22
FORTY Clothing | Tech Pack '22
FORTY Clothing | Tech Pack '22
FORTY Clothing | Tech Pack '22
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