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Manifesto AW2020

Fashion Campaign

 Manifesto was founded in Dundee in March 1986, with a vision to bring the latest in contemporary clothing to the people of Dundee. Manifesto has grown organically into one of Scotland's most progressive retailers and their brand reflects this.

When director Bonnie MacRae approached us with the initial concept, we were immediately interested. We took the idea and Bonnie on board, and within a matter of weeks produced, shot and delivered the final piece. 

The final deliverables for this campaign consist of three different lengths of the film (5/15/45 Seconds). These different versions are then each delivered in all social formats available (Widescreen, Square, Feed Vertical and Story Vertical) so Manifesto is never out of options.

On top of the moving images, still images were shot by the Manifesto photographer Finlay for a look-book. We worked together to make sure the campaign looked, felt and came across as one. Time on set was set aside where video and photo could work together, for maximum efficiency.

Prod. Company:
Focus Puller:
Manifesto Clothing
Bonnie MacRae
RecWorks Cinema
Brandyn Mahmood
Jack Dailly
Padraig Devlin
Vincent Brock
Iona Morrison
Sil Derkx
Myles Docherty
Ella Ottersbach-Edwards
Jon Rosscraig/Manifesto
Bonnie MacRae
Sil Derkx
Finlay MacIntosh
Kerr Darling
Manifesto AW2020

Manifesto AW2020

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