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Mind Yersel

Short Film

Mind Yersel is an Award-Winning short film, produced to highlight and bring to light the mental health and suicide issues that are prevalent in Scottish males. Everyone in the video is from or lives in Dundee, which is notorious for male suicide rates.

Mental health and personal wellbeing is very close to everyone's heart.  With this piece we hope to shed some light on a topic that has not been spoken enough about, so the conversation can then be had. 

With the use of Social Media, this film reached over 300.000 views across different social platforms. We have had tremendous replies and a support page has now been set up for anyone who wants to start a similar project.


In addition to this, NHS Scotland has now picked up Mind Yersel for use in their official Suicide Awareness Campaign, which we are very proud of.

Production Company:
Main Talent:
Assist. Camera:
RecWorks Cinema
Iona Morrison
Bonnie MacRae
Sil Derkx
Stephen J MacMillan
Myles Docherty
Sil Derkx
Mind Yersel

Mind Yersel

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